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Welcome to Cynder's T-Shirts

Cynder is an Art inspired clothing brand. The concept for Cynder was born when Jess Wathen decided he would like to share his art with others through the utilization of apparel such as t-shirts. Doing this would make the art more affordable and easily obtainable in comparison to fine art. An obvious perk to having art on a garment is it doesn't have to remain stationary, hanging on a wall or placed in a display. Instead it can be worn and exhibited where ever you may go. In addition to this, it was his intention to bring more traditionally influenced designs to apparel in the effort of establishing a different style and to create a brand that doesn't quite dictate who should dress in it. Simply put, if you like what you see you should wear it, whether others think it's a cool t-shirt or not. Delving deeper, exposing yet another layer, is the very foundation of what Cynder is about. That is arising from past attempts by applying what has been learned from those experiences and moving forward to the establishment of something greater. This company represents Jess Wathen's struggle as an artist through the illustration of a single hot cinder that has the potential to rekindle and grow; much like a smouldering fire that can suddenly burst back to life from the ash to thrive. Cynder is taken from a dying fire to reignite another, to bring life to another attempt at the same dream. These analogies convey Jess Wathen's ambition, passion, and the struggle of overcoming hardships involving his art career. With this apparel brand he shares with you his journey to becoming an established artist as well as the art that reflects his pursuit. All he hopes for is to gain appreciaton and for individuals to find his work both visually and mentally stimulating.